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Web application for quickly creating text animations in the form of pencil drawings and more.

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About DrownWords

Application for quick text animation. A versatile app that animates text in pencil sketch style. Customize backgrounds, animate SVG icons, adjust line properties, and play with fill effects like hatching. Upload custom fonts and SVGs, and tailor the animation speed.



We've prepared several typical fonts for you, suitable for text animation. Use them for quickly creating your animations. Utilize all available settings, change size, line width, and fill. If necessary, merge overlapping paths.

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Each font is unique in its nature, and the beauty of the animation heavily depends on speed. Adjust the animation speed settings to achieve the best effect, animate multiple paths simultaneously or one after another.



Export your results in multiple formats; currently, video exports of your animations in webm, mp4, and png sequences are available. All animations are executed on your PC using a browser. Do not close or minimize the browser window during animation.

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