Relish Your Memories with Pictures

The photograph is the capture of a moment you would like to keep always with you. Who does not like to get clicked? Photograph captures the images by the rays of light falling on.

Pictures are captured using cameras having lens fitted in them. Different wavelengths of light ensure unusual clarity of pictures. Now this process of taking photographs is called photography.

Photography also involves digital and non-digital. Non-Digital involves two step processes. A negative image is created in the light, and that negative image is converted into positive.

The converted positive images are later on used as slides. Now with the invent of a modern technology non-digital method is converted into digital one.

Digital images provide you an easy, fast result. It has changed the world of photography. Without waiting for long to get your clicked images digital images allows you to get your images within a few minutes.

Images work on the pixels. There are various formats in which images are being converted. The process of converting captured images into a digital using computerized technique is called digital images.

Most popular file formats widely used are GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PS, and PSD. Digital images are formed by pixels.

The smallest component of the picture is called pixels. Data formats should be converted into computer readable for interpretation of images. This is called digitizing.

And this can be converted either by using the scanner or by using analog to digital converter.