A Picture is Worth Thousand Words

An excellent way of expressing ones mind state can be done through drawing. In a general manner, it is represented on a plane paper but to the visual world its can be represented on a plane surface.

Traditional drawings were monochrome or at least had very few colorful while contemporary paintings have no boundaries.

It is unusual, innovative and yet elegant. In few countries, drawings and paintings are two distinctive things. Pictures associated with chalk or dry media used for the pastel arts.

Water based drawings are also there which uses a liquid. Similar supports likewise can serve both: sometimes painting uses liquid on above the canvas or just before portraying on the canvas.

Painting or drawing is total creativity. It involves your thinking. Its your way of visualizing thing. The one that you portray entirely ensures that it’s what your mind speaks.

Drawings are being taught to the children from childhood. But what you learn in school, colleges that picture is entirely different from what is called painting. Painting is your creativity your imagination.

Drawing categories can be varied cartoon drawing, nature drawing, real life drawing, and imaginative drawing. It varies from artist to artist. Some are good in some while some other is good in something else.

Like the kind of categories of picture differs in the similar way methods of also drawing varies. Paper, cupboard, blackboard anything can be used. A sketch is also another way of expressing. So show your mind with this simple yet creative work.